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The electronic instrument console plays host to a dynamic environment. More features, function, and performance are required than ever before and traditional circular connectors have changed little to adapt. At DG Interconnect our mission is to design, develop, and manufacture interconnect solutions that advance the state of the art to keep pace with these demanding trends. It is this commitment to product innovation and a timely response that set DG Interconnect apart in the medical, scientific, and instrumentation industries.

Our customer’s require an elegant, functional solution that will complement the design of their device. People from all walks of life, are expected to engage these connectors, sometimes in critical situations. As a result, ergonomics, ease of use, and safety are all key considerations.

In the world of instrumentation, no application is quite the same. DG Interconnect’s engineering team collaborates with our customers to address design challenges and develop interconnect products that perform to each unique specification. DG Interconnect is committed to providing interconnect solutions that not only meet specification but serve to enhance the design and utility of the products to which they are applied.

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Concept Develeopment
Turn your interconnect concept into reality

Cable Design
Custom designed cables for any assembly and environment

Connector Design
Custom designed connectors for medical, scientific, instrumentation and consumer markets

Rapid interconnect prototyping and 3d models of your design

Molds for connector overmolding and non-insert automatic molding

Assembled and Overmolded in the USA

Testing and Qualification
Tested and shipped to your exact specifications